Friday, February 22, 2008

Snowy Friday

The Governor of our state made the call at about 11:22am. "...state employees should be sent home as soon as possible to get home safely." I admire this level of concern because of the severity of driving in the weather conditions that we were contending with. I was however pissed off when the people who make the decision to close our school not only again didn't make the decision in a timely manner, but it seemed as if they were unaware of the Governor's decision until it was brought to their attention and then, the call to officially close wasn't made until 2pm; once again putting our staff and students in potential danger. I hope they come up with a more efficient system sooner rather than later - before someone gets killed.

It was difficult to try and predict what was the best time to go and move the snow from the driveway as it was falling quite rapidly and was expected to continue into the night. SO, I went out about 5ish so that I would at least have the benefit of light. Unfortunately, I suspect another pass through will be necessary in the morning.

Are you familiar with YouTube sensation Brandon Hardesty? Jimmy Kimmel has had him on for the last few days. This 20 year old re-enacts scenes from movies and shoots and acts, playing all characters, in them. Very funny's one of his performances, enjoy:

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