Saturday, February 09, 2008

Weekend Blurbery

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Another Haiku?
Please, what do you think I am?
Mister Haiku Man?

I've somehow committed to a larger number of Girl Scout cookies that I should have. What will suck is that they'll all show up at the same time and I'll need to make an ATM run to pay for them.

Here's my current TV schedule (this is really pathetic):
Monday - Dance War:Bruno vs. Carrie Ann (I have no idea why, it's not all that good)
Tuesday - American Idol, Carpoolers
Wednesday - American Idol, The Moment of Truth, Project Runway
Thursday - Survivor, Celebrity Apprentice
Friday - 1 vs. 100
On top of these, I'm good for General Hospital daily, I also DVR Jimmy Kimmel and David Letterman daily (though I don't watch every minute of every episode).

I am reading three books concurrently at the moment, one non-fiction, one James Patterson novel, and the first graphic novel I've ever read, a book that was referred by Mike over at NFADR.

Finally, I am shooting for a podcast tomorrow. Goodnight.

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