Thursday, February 14, 2008

What Today Is

  • The 45th day of the year.
  • Another reason to hate Hallmark and all who commercially followed in their wake.
  • A good day to score some chocolate.
  • The day that Oregon became the 33rd state in the union in the year 1859.
  • The day that St. Valentine was beheaded (very romantic).
  • The day that Arizona joined the union in 1912.
  • The day the late Gregory Hines was born.
  • The day I remind you of my most recent podcast.
  • The day I remind you that I am participating in the Walk for Hunger.
  • My last day of work until Tuesday the 19th (though I am working until 9pm because the class I teach meets on Thursday evenings).
I am bummed out because I intended to see U23D locally over the next few days but it is now gone from the local theater.
That may or may not be it for today. Until then, later...
  • Jane Fonda said CUNT on national television. I just saw the clip on Perez Hilton. Funny stuff.
  • And here it is...


egan said...

You did a new podcast? Ha, me so funny.

Chris said...

Egan - I think a certain blogger needs to whip up a post.

Essentially Me said...

Great post!

Chris said...

Essentially Me - Thanks! I love the umbrella:)