Sunday, March 30, 2008

Do You Hear What I Am Saying?

ear Saturday morning was the first of an 8 week accelerated class in Computers & technology I am teaching. From the moment I got into the class until it was necessary to use one of the required text materials, I had announced that the bookstore was open and had the text book bundle and that it was required for today.
Amongst the materials was a software package that comes with a product key required to establish their accounts, which had to be done during that first class. I made the announcement regarding the text and the bookstore at least a dozen times highlighting the urgency to create the accounts, which require the text bundle, and that the window of opportunity to create these accounts was in this class session, period. I even went so far as to tell them that without having this account, they would not be able to take the final exam and therefore not qualify to receive a grade for the course.
So class goes on, we create our accounts, nobody says a thing when I ask if there are any issues or problems so I am guessing it all goes off fine except during one of the breaks I did notice a student on Amazon and was curious as to why they were searching for the software that they should already have and in fact, created their account on.
I confirmed today that this particular student never created the account in class. I am now in the position where I had to email this student and tell them that they wouldn't be able to receive a grade for the course.
Can you feel my frustration?


Rob C said...

How annoying. I am a student these days, with my EMT class and I see this type of stupidity all the time. My favorite is the guy in my class (this is his thrid time mind you) starts complaining just before a quiz that he had just NO time to study. Um.. he should se my schedule. Oh, I got a 90 on the quiz. :)

Joy said...

Yes, I know what you mean. Unbelievable, isn't it?