Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Take Another Little Piece of My Heart

Every single time I step into a fast food joint and indulge, even if just a little, I feel awful about it and am convinced that I shortened my life needlessly.
That's not to say I don't still do it every now and again.
Crazy, I know.
Anderson Cooper has skin cancer, here's to hoping it works out fine for him.
The Mole is returning this summer, or so it seems. However, Anderson Cooper is not set to be the host, at least not as of yet.
I'm no economist, but I sense that Bernanke isn't good at what he does for a living.
I want to go on a Bizarre Foods trip with Andrew Zimmern.
I'm bringing Oliver to the vet tomorrow for his annual checkup.
Apple released Safari for PC, I gave it a try today. Interesting!
Canada 2006 010
These are Canadian cows on Prince Edward Island.
I got nothing else for ya today. Until next time, I'm thinking about you, especially you.


Rob C said...


Airam said...

Canadian cows rock! Sorry ... that's a poor excuse of a comment!

Chris said...

Rob - Those cows actually did go MEAH, the Canadian accented MOO!

Airam - Canadian cows do rock, just not as much as a certain canadian blogger :)

Joy said...

I know what you mean about fast food. I saw Supersize Me and became grossed out and fearful. I didn't know that about Anderson Cooper and hope he'll be fine. I agree with you about the economy and mostly blame W, but others are at fault, too. It's going to take a really long time to recover from all of this.

Chris said...

Joy - I didn't step foot in a fast food joint for about a year after seeing that film, perhaos the answer is to watch it annuallky.