Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Once Bitten...

I'm standing at the circulation desk in the library awaiting the CIO for a meeting with me, him, and a couple of colleagues. In the meantime, just a few feet away was one of the colleagues, whom we'll refer to as CP, sitting and chatting with someone while waiting.
I looked over and CP yelped, "you can come over, we won't bite." To which I replied, "what if I want to be bitten?" Without missing a beat, a student jetted out of nowhere raising her had in response and said, "that's when you call me!"
The timing actually left me speechless, yes, me...speechless! So, librarian gal behind counter informs the masses, "you got him to turn red, and that's not easy to do."
An entertaining moment.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Sent to me
From: Hershel []
Hey stranger, I'm JENNIFER and I recently turned 28 I moved here not too long ago and i thinking of making some new friends Would be nice to chat, you can reply any time you like
term eer
Where do I begin with this?
  • I am quite curious if Jennifer goes by Hershel or Hershel goes by Jennifer.
  • "and i thinking of making some new friends" - okay, the English is poor, that's cool. But I am not sure why one would think of making friends - isn't the decision to make friends one that should be made with some certainty?
  • If I do reply, do I do so to Jennifer or Hershel, whose got the email address - which poses another question, Is this really Jennifer using Hershel's email address? (Hey Jennifer, in this country you can get your own email address for free - I know, what a country!)
  • The Salutations are confusing. At the beginning, what does "build" mean? Is this a common opening salutation in your country? And the ending, "term eer" WTF?

Monday, April 28, 2008

Podcast: The Return of the Podcast

Welcome back after a 3 week hiatus from podcasting.
A little bit o'chit-chat.
Lasik Surgery
Politics - where I risk getting into trouble (with Republicans)
Some future podcast plans.
Episode is Currently Lost

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Footwear and a Plug

Retired 4/27/2008
You've served me well.

Purchased today...
on sale and with a coupon!

The Plug
It would stand to reason that I already plug the blogs that I read regularly. There is something special about each of them and I treasure them all. However, there is one blog that since started, has developed into into something really special.
Coming Home: A Journey Like No Other is a blog that has in my opinion taken blog writing to a really special place. For those of you old enough to remember Erma Bombeck, the American humorist, essayist, and most notably, newspaper columnist - Essentially Me (The Pen Name of the author of Coming Home) in my opinion has begun to hit a stride in her writing that has her poised to assume the throne left behind by Ms. Bombeck after her death in 1996. I encourage you all to click the link and have a read.
I Saw a Movie
I watched Evan Almighty on Saturday. What a great film. While I must admit as much as I like Steve Carrell (whose most brilliant film performance thus far in my opinion was as the weatherman in Anchorman), I had to force myself not to see Michael Scott. Aside from all of that, this was a really well thought out movie, very funny but still with a good moral story as well.
'Nuff said.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Long and Short of It

You ever notice that when someone says "anyway, to make a long story short..." it's usually too late?
What's the deal with contractors? Do they all take a course in being assholes? You would think when you call someone to ask for an estimate for a job that their reaction would be, great! work! Be right over.
When I decided it was time to get the roof replaced, my first call, was to the roofer I used to replace the skylight in my bathroom. At that time, about a year ago, he had mentioned that the roof would need replacement soon. I called him about three weeks ago and said I'd like an estimate, he said he'd be there the next day. I haven't heard from him since so, fuck him.
I called another roofer on the recommendation of a friend and leave a voicemail. "Hi, my name is Chris. I got your number from the so-and-so's whose roof you recently did. They were satisfied with the work and I'd like to have you come down and get me an estimate for my roof." That was about two or so weeks ago and I haven't heard from him so, fuck him.
I got the quote from the first of the roofers that showed up and it was $8200, or $1550 more than the first quote I received. I spent alot of time comparing the quotes and it is for the identical products and services.
Oh, I called this guy Bob on the recommendation of a colleague. "Bob's my best friend, he's really good." I gave Bob a call last Tuesday and he said that he would come by on Thursday. I still haven't heard from him so, fuck him.
That's all.

Friday, April 25, 2008


As I gear up to walk miles 81 through 100, that is my 5th Walk for Hunger, I must pause and thank all of you who've been so supportive of my efforts. I've raised $1005 this year (to date) and that wouldn't be possible without the generosity and compassion of the people around me. Thank you - all of you, not just for your money but for your positive thoughts, your prayers, and for everything.

A New Promise

I vow to contact the top brass at Dunkin Donuts corporate and find out why they are using styrofoam cups. I spend a considerable amount of cash at Dunkin Donuts and purchase a medium styrofoam cup filled with coffee every day. I know, I'm feeding the devil, but I like their coffee. I'm going to talk to the people that have the muscle to make change and let them know how I feel about the styrofoam and ask they why they use it and if they are open to change. With any luck, they'll allow me to record the conversations for podcasting but I wouldn't count on it.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Premium Toffee Crunch

This is a recipe that my friend Barbara uses. She recently made a batch for me as a gift because I helped her purchase a computer. Getting this as a gift reminded me how good it is and I thought since I need to prepare for my class tonight, I’ll save my topic topic for tomorrow and offer this recipe to all of you.

This was her submission to the MassBay cookbook I helped put together a few years ago, I hope all of you enjoy it and remember to save a piece for me :)
35 PREMIUM Saltine Crackers
1/3 cup butter or margarine
1/2 cup firmly packed light brown sugar
6 squares BAKER'S Semi-Sweet Baking Chocolate, chopped
1/2 cup chopped PLANTERS Walnuts
  • PREHEAT oven to 400°F. Line 15x10x1-inch baking pan with foil; grease foil. Spread crackers evenly into prepared pan.
  • PLACE butter and sugar in saucepan. Bring to boil on medium-high heat, stirring frequently. Reduce to low; boil 3 min. (Do not stir.) Immediately spread over crackers.
  • BAKE 7 min. Immediately sprinkle with chocolate; let stand 5 min. Spread melted chocolate over tops of crackers. Sprinkle with walnuts. Cool. Break into pieces.
Even though that is the real recipe, I pretty much double it. I fill the entire cookie sheet with crackers (usually about 1 and ½ sleeves of crackers). I also double the brown sugar and butter recipe so it coats the crackers evenly. I never use the baking chocolate. I typically use good chocolate like Ghiradelli.
This makes a very good gift as well as a quick and easy treat to bring to a party or the office!
Let me know if I can help in any way with the book. Good luck!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bullets before Bedtime

  • Enough with the damn tip cups everywhere.
  • I still feel that while both democratic candidates have much to offer, Hillary is still the better choice.
  • Has anyone seen the infomercial for the "PedEgg?" This is single handedly the most disgusting product ever made.
  • We hit way over 80 degrees today, wow.
  • Notice how every single time you pass a gas station, the price is higher? Today I saw $3.49 9/10 - I've become quite conservative with where I drive these days in my 15ish mpg guzzler.
  • If you live in or near Arizona and need an enclosed trailer, call Trail Boss, the official enclosed trailer of the Manzanita Speedway.
  • It's grilling season again, yay!
  • My eyes are getting very heavy; bedtime - goodnight everyone.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Online Classroom

Today I received confirmation that I'll be teaching an online class in the Fall. I've been waiting for a long time to get the opportunity to do so and am looking forward to the challenge, especially since the class that I am teaching is called "Computers & Technology"; an intro to computers course.

I've spent a great deal of time, especially in the last three or four years, studying best practices for delivering content to an online audience so I am looking forward to adding that knowledge to my nearly eleven years of in-class teaching experience and seeing what happens.

In other news:

I've had two roofing contractors come by thus far and a third is scheduled to come on Thursday. The guy that came yesterday was impressive but I haven't seen his numbers yet. I had a guy show up today who was less polished on the sales end but I liked his personality, presentation, and he mentioned that his quote would include a virtual mirror of the services of the guy who came yesterday. Today's guy gave me a quote of $6650 which will be helpful when yesterday's guy offers a number for comparative purposes.

Today's guy came on the recommendation of a friend who recently had a roof done and was pleased with overall product and service. The guy coming Thursday comes on the recommendation of a colleague; I look forward to seeing what he will have to say. I just hate the idea of tossing that kind of cash on something like a roof, though I know it's a necessity it's just so not glorious. You can't invite people over to come see your new roof and not expect them to thing they should be attending an intervention.

In other, other news:

Sometime soon I need to go buy new running shoes (though only for walking purposes, these knees ain't made for running no more) and check out some of the nifty anti-chaffing products as recommended by Egan.

On Podcasting:

I haven't abandoned my podcast, just needed a break - it's tons of work and I was feeling a bit burned out. I suspect a podcast will be ready for next week.

R.I.P. Al Wilson

Monday, April 21, 2008

Another Stolen Meme

I just can't resist a meme; I'm funny that way. With that, this comes from Brookem's blog where it too was taken from some other blog.
  1. maybe i should get my act together and really exercise regularly.
  2. i love the smell of napalm in the morning. Not really, I just couldn't resist! I do love the smell of fresh bread baking, especially in the morning.
  3. people would say that i'm insane for carrying around a NY Yankees credit card and busting it out in Red Sox nation.
  4. i don't understand why "breaking news" always has to happen in the middle of a show I really want to see more than the breaking news.
  5. when i wake up in the morning I hate the world.
  6. i lost a dear friend who I didn't have nearly enough time with.
  7. life is full of unexpected occurrences.
  8. my past has shaped me into who I am.
  9. i get annoyed when I tell my students everything expected of them and the consequences for not delivering and they don't deliver and complain when I enforce the consequences.
  10. parties are different now than when I was much younger!
  11. i wish for a tax free windfall just big enough to do everything I want to my house.
  12. dogs are terific but I refuse to make that commitment to a pet anytime soon.
  13. cats are pure entertainment.
  14. tomorrow I return to work after a three day weekend and this far the only thing I am looking forward to is my morning cup of Dunkin Decaf.
  15. i have low tolerance for stupidity.
  16. i'm totally terrified of heights and being "in the wrong place at the wrong time".
  17. i wonder why bad weather lasts so much longer than good weather.
  18. never in my life have "I been across the pond".
  19. high school was the most awkward time of my life.
  20. when i'm nervous I get the shakes and sometimes begin to shiver.
  21. one time at a family gathering I walked right through a screen on a patio door.
  22. take my advice: listen to what my Dad used to say, "If you want to become a millionaire, go to Mexico and buy a million sombreros for one dollar each. Then, come back here and sell them for two dollars each."
  23. making my bed is less likely to happen than number 11 happening tomorrow.
  24. i'm almost always second guessing myself at the same time I say that I shouldn't second guess myself.
  25. i'm addicted to blogging and chocolate.
  26. i want someone to make it all better.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Speech and Grilled Fish

I had to speak in church today and while I didn't have a fully prepared statement, I did have a "sketch" etched in my brain. That is, until I got to the lectern and was introduced by the Rev.Julie - at which point my mind had drawn a complete blank.
On the lectern was a bible open to a page that included one of the readings for the day. I happened to stare down at the page and just at the moment it was time for me to talk, since I had pretty much forgotten the specifics of what I had wanted to say, I began to read the first two lines of a passage and then made a joke.
The joke broke the ice and all of a sudden, words started coming out of my mouth and I had pretty much said what needed to be said. How friggin' cool is that?
In unrelated news, I pulled the grill out of the garage and cleaned it up, got a refill for the propane tank, and bought some fresh whole trout. I mixed some minced garlic, butter (actually Smart Balance), salt & pepper and stuffed that mixture into the fish.
I heated up the grill, oiled up the grates and on went the fish for about 6-7 minutes per side. Holy freaking yummifications.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sharing Things With You

Click here to listen to an entire R.E.M. concert from March 12th of 2008 (Go for it Egan).

Like poetry? Click here to see a a poetry blog I created for National Poetry Month at MassBay Community College.

I've been learning about how to prevent chafing in preparation for the Walk for Hunger. (Note: I've raised $890.00 as of this writing, YAY!).

Now it's time to laugh:
humorous pictures

Friday, April 18, 2008

Get the Cigarette Ready

One of our regular customers at the computer shop, especially for repair work, was this gal Jen. before she ever showed up at the shop, she called frantically asking questions about a computer problem she was having and I kinda got flirty on the phone (very professional) which see just ate up and flirted right back.
Anyway, she needed to bring her computer in, really. Turns out she was married and running a wholesale luggage and handbag business with her husband. We ended up being pretty good friends for a while and she and her hubby even gifted me with a snazzy leather Kenneth Cole backpack.
So right around the time I was carrying around this digital recorder with a orgasm recorded on it, who but comes trotting in with a special request. She asked me to custom build a brand new computer for none other than her 80 something dad.
So I built the PC, not right there on the spot, but a few days later. After I got the operating system and all the software installed I was thinking, how could I kick things up a bit. There was that goofy Windows 95 sound that by that time was driving me insane. So I thought, I know, I am going to replace the boring Windows 95 startup sound with authentic bitchin' latino orgasm.
So that I did. This computer was there in front of me and every time it booted up, it was the feel good boot up of the moment. I called Jen and told her that her dad's new PC was ready to be delivered and she came to pick it up. I did tell here that there was a special surprise for her dad.
A few days later, I get a call from her dad and he says "is this Chris?" I responded, "Yes". "This is Jen's dad, was it you who built my new computer?" I replied, "Why yes, sir." His response, "Thank you so much, she's incredible."
And that was the last I ever heard from him.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wicked Monks and "The Big O" I Promised

So I wonder, do I start with talking about the sound effect or actually explaining what a Wicked Monk is? I think I’ll start with the Wicked Monk and leave the orgasm sound effect for the end.

The Wicked Monk is a bar in the same neighborhood as Primo Pasta was. It just seemed to make sense after filling up on bowls of cheap pasta to go somewhere to drink a little of it off and search for Velma. Velma? You ask who is Velma? Remember Scooby Doo? The graphic to the right-ish look familiar at all? That is Velma.

One time while cavorting at the Wicked Monk (technically in the Wicked Monk but that sounds far too racy), there was this girl there who had Velma glasses on, so we called her Velma. Rob and I kept stealing and returning the straw to her drink but she had no clue what was going on (a couple of fun guys are we, stealing straws from girls’ drinks). Anyway, we were messing with her – all in good fun until I took her drink away from her to rest it on the DJ table so that she could dance. Only, there was no ledge and the glass went falling down spilling her libation and crushing into pieces. Needless to say, the Wicked Monk was a place we went to loosen up and have some fun. Now let’s talk about the orgasm.

I just paused to read what I had written and realize how all over the place it is, but that’s often how those nights were. There was one time where a coworker, Nestor came along. Nestor was a nice enough guy most of the time but there was a serial killer charm about him and he always seemed ready to slice off a limb in the blink of an eye. Rob drove on this one night Nestor asked if he could ride along and wad made that difficult was that Rob’s car only had two seats and he was in one of them while I was in the other. Nestor suggested he ride in the hatchback. While sure this sounds both weird and funny at the same time let me amplify both – Nestor was about 6’2, 250+ pounds, something of a behemoth. I vaguely remember Rob’s facial contortions expression when asked but Nestor seemed insistent and Rob didn’t want to push the serial killer button so up went the hatchback and in went Nestor.

Instantly I was transported back to a TV show in the very early 80’s called “That’s Incredible”. There was once a guy named “The Yogi Kudu” whose great feat was to fit his lanky yet tall (considerably over 6 foot as I recall) frame into a clear 3 foot cube. Nestor got into some odd genie/yogi position and when the hatchback was closed he looked like something of a carnival oddity that we could have charged admission to see.

Now that you have an idea of just how wacky these nights could be, and as such, quite fun (most of the time), I know you are ready for what I did with the orgasm sound effect. Unfortunately, I have typed more than 500 words here and I think offered quite enough entertainment value to have sufficiently distracted you enough so that I can stall you one more day before giving you the orgasm. I guess that means in it’s own unique way that this post is just more foreplay.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Primo Pasta & The Wicked Monk

It was a weekly event for a week. Me and Rob were the core and then week by week there'd be somewhat regulars, semi-regulars, and drifters who would join us.
There was one couple in particular that were regulars and would always stiff us on some of the check. Primo Pasta was cool at the time cause we were poorish and there, it was all you could eat pasta in any combo of pastas and sauces for like 8 bucks or so. The devious couple however would leave only enough loot for the pasta and the tip but neglected to ante up for the cervezas.
Working at Primo Pasta were the young ladies that were quite memorable. Two shall remain nameless, simply because I have no recollection of their names, only their hotness.
I remember one time, one of them was saying how she had gotten her belly button pierced. Well, king suave here (that would be me, amazingly) actually convinced her to show it to me, right there at our table, while she was on duty as our server. I held up my jacket, she unbuttoned the bottom of her shirt, and there it was - sweet!
The third girl, the one whose name I remember (but will likely mangle in spelling), was Arellis. Arellis was hot and sort of on the wild side. I had one of these key chain sized digital recorders. We were messing around with it and she asked if she could see it. I handed her the recorder, she left and took it with here (I believe into the bathroom), then sometime later returned it.
I can't remember where we first listened, perhaps Rob can chime in on the comments, but knowing me it had to be right there in the restaurant. What I do remember, very vividly, is what she recorded - an orgasm. A very loud, insanely wild, couldn't tell ya for certain if it was for real, orgasm.
Oh, the good times of our wacky youth(ish) days.
Now for the cliffhanger, Wanna know what I did with that sound effect? Check back tomorrow (Rob, if you remember, don't blow it in the comments :))

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Until it Feels Good, That's How Much

My ministry work at the church is very important to me because it's grounded in in willful selflessness. For me, it's a chance to really give unconditionally. The rewards are often priceless.
My current role is "Commissioner of Stewardship", which is one of the toughest, but even this early in the challenges have brought me immense insight.
Giving is an extremely personal thing.It really isn't about how much, it's about how much it takes for you to feel it in your soul - what feels right. It isn't always about money either, sometimes it's giving of yourself - your time, your talents.
As we find ourselves embroiled in the philanthropic season, give what makes you feel good. Don't let it be competitive, there isn't a wrong amount - the fact that you are able and willing to give is a gift in and of itself.
In my work with the Walk for Hunger I have seen so much real beauty that just typing this brings tears to my eyes. I can't even begin to tell you what if feels like to walk 20 miles in a seat of 40,000 people; I can tell you it's powerful beyond words. the generosity of all of the people who support you whether it be financially, spiritually, or emotionally - it all makes for a very powerful experience.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Bullets After a Long Meeting

  • Looks like our proposal was accepting so my colleagues and I will be presenting at the conference in Vegas in July.
  • Since February, I have been serving on the Vestry at my church, a group of lay leaders that conduct the business affairs of the church. The work is fulfilling but time and brain consuming.
  • Thanks to all who have supported me in my Walk for Hunger efforts.
  • I've got this newfound desire to bake cupcakes :)
  • The weather might be on the verge of getting nice, my eyes are getting itchy.
  • I've recently discovered the joy of "The Coffee House" channel (#30) on Sirius Satellite - it's all "singer/songwriter" songs. Neat!
  • As a youngster, I dabbled in things philatelic.
  • Next Monday is the Boston Marathon, which in short means traffic will suck even more than usual (fortunately I have the day off).
  • I know that any financial planner worth the price of their certification will tell you that it is bad to get a substantial tax refund, you gotta admit it's a nice thing to get (I rely on you admitting it since I am paying this year).
  • Time to go...Love Always, Me

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Roof, The Roof...

On the to do list this week is to arrange for a few estimates to replace the roof on my house. Ah, the joys of home ownership :)
When I had my skylight replaced, the roofer who did that gave me a $5200 figure but that was a year ago and since I wasn't ready to replace the roof at that time, I didn't ask what specifically that figure included. So, I'll have him as well and two others come over and try to make sense of it.
I was at the supermarket this afternoon and found myself feeling depressed. This particular supermarket wouldn't be my first choice but their prices are far better than the other local markets. Despite that, I've seen major increases in the items I purchase regularly. This supermarket is also so crowded that there was a wait just to get a friggin' wagon. Then, the larger part of the clientele, the local Brazilian population, choose to socialize in the aisles making it difficult to navigate for those of use there for the intended purpose if the market, shopping. Then, the darn supermarket, during all the mayhem, chooses to have employees blocking the aisles packing out stuff - that makes zero sense. What a sucky experience which ends with nearly a $50.00 tab at the express line - ouch.
I'm calling it a night...soon, there is a Yankee/Red Sox game happening.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Shine a Light

I'm not a huge Scorcese fan. shinealight I think he's made some good films and some way overrated films. This film however, is quite brilliant. Of course, I'm not sold that anyone couldn't have done just as good a job but since it was Scorcese who made it, perhaps I'll give him props because as I said,this is a brilliant film.
You might ask, how is it that a concert film can be brilliant? First, it was a genius move to film the show at the Beacon Theater in NYC. I have been there many times and it is a very intimate venue, unlike the arenas and stadiums the Stones typically play. The show takes on a whole different tone in this type of venue and the set list and arrangements were carefully crafted to match the intimacy of the venue.
Also, the angles the film is shot from offer a view that you can only see in such a film. I've seen the Stones live a few times and while I've always left the show amazed at their ability to command such an enormous stage in such a large stadium, here, the music and musicianship really come into focus while there is no compromise of showmanship.
If you are a Rolling Stones fan, you really have to see this film. I am looking forward to seeing U23D, I know, I am the last person to see it, but I will see it soon.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Set List

When you go to a concert, do you listen to the artists music on the way? Do you try to predict the set list? Do you pick the songs that you are most looking forward to hearing live? Are you disappointed when one of the songs you hoped for didn't make the cut?
For artists with a smaller catalog yet have the cache to perform a "full" set must figure out how to stretch the songs and perhaps even pick some choice covers. If lucky, you might get to hear some new, previously unreleased material.
Artists with a deep catalog must figure out how to balance the new material they are likely promoting with the back catalog hoping to satisfy the masses and not disappoint with the "classics" that must be left unperformed that night. Bruce Springsteen does a cool thing where his flips the set around night after night.
Then there's the arrangements. Which do you prefer, the one you know, similar to that on the CD or an alternate, live version? For me, I like some variation.
Then, how many songs and/or how long should the set be without overstaying your welcome or leaving the audience feeling completely cheated? I happen to like the idea of leaving wanting more while at the same time thrilled with what I got.
Talk to me...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Comforter Comfort

How do you like your comforter, what makes it comfortable to you? One of the things I like in a comforter is a little bit of weight, just enough to feel like something is covering me, yet not too heavy as to feel like I'm being X-Ray'd at the dentist office.

If I were to find the perfect comforter, here would be some additional attributes it would possess:
  • Soft, as in cozy soft.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Miraculously capable of being cooling in the heat and heating in the cool.
  • Greater than 600 thread count - luxurious, eh?
  • Egyptian cotton, maybe I just really wanted to say Egyptian.
  • King sized.
  • Repellent of cat hair.
  • Resistant to the "Dutch Oven" (There's gotta be at least one ringer)
  • Do "Au Pairs" come in two's?
  • April 28th is Lisa Cacace's birthday. Has anyone seen her lately? I haven't seen or heard from her in years and I miss her.
  • Congratulations to co-worker Popi as she officially announced her pregnancy.
  • I created a new blog back in December but haven't rolled it out yet.
  • My hope for tomorrow is to begin a post called "Set List" about concerts and expectations at concerts.
  • I just got home from teaching, I am beat...time for bed.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


During one of the brief moments I had to myself at work today I thought of a few things I wanted to talk about here in bloggerville. I even remember a few ideas that I wanted to elaborate on and imagined how I would do so.

Here I sit about 10 hours or so later and I am drawing a complete blank! I know, I should jot this stuff down on some scrap and pocket it - of course, it makes perfect sense considering the amount of distractions I can be subject to at my job but today, I failed to to do and am kinda pissed at myself for that.

So, in lieu of a real post, I will offer a few bullet items:

  • Keep Brookem, her family, and especially her grandmother in your thoughts and prayers.
  • I have no temptation to purchase a rider mower.
  • Essentially Me has been writing particularly moving and powerful posts of late, check it out.
  • A couple of Nursing professors left thinking I am some "wicked genius" (not evil wicked, wicked wicked - it's a Massachusetts thing) because I did something in Excel that is actually quite simple, they just don't know that.
  • Please support my Walk for Hunger if you can.
  • I received an "exclusive" email today with a code to buy tickets for Donna Summer before "everyone else. Now I actually like Donna Summer but if there was any chance I hand over a c-note to see her, I am guessing I can get a good seat whenever I wanted, maybe even on the day of the show. Really, advance tickets to Donna Summer.
Later for now.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Dear Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature,
I should probably start by saying how grateful I am for all of the beauty this world possesses and your role in that.
I must however point out your cruel streak. No, I am not talking about things like natural disasters, I am not smart enough to comment on these sorts, I simply don't understand them.
My issue is far more simple, was it necessary to wake me in the middle of a rather necessary and comforting sleep so that I must pee? Let me be more specific, I am not ungrateful that you woke me when you did, had you not, it would had been a very different and far messier morning. It just that when you wake me, if that is necessary, can you kind of try to work it in at a time where I might be able to get back to sleep?
You see, I'm sure in hindsight you must agree that waking anyone to pee 15 minutes before the alarm is just about the cruelest thing,at least in the moment, that you could do.
I'm sorry if I am coming off as bitchy but that's what happens when my sleep is interrupted.
With Love and Utter Respect,

Monday, April 07, 2008

Podcast: Weather it Be a Podcast

Here's what I'm yapping about:
  • Recalling Easter's blog post, I read Gene Robinson's reflection as he considers the 5 year anniversary of his consecration as a Bishop. However, the controversy that surrounded the fact that he is an openly gay man caused a schism in the church and raised human rights issues that affect everyone.
  • Meteorology, is it the real thing?
  • And to lighten the load a bit, hear be list the items currently in my refrigerator.
or listen here:

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Weekend Blurbery Again

We kicked ass in my Saturday class and whizzed through the scheduled lessons for the day in record time and the reward was everyone got to go home early. This was class 2 of 8 - the roster before the first week was 28 students, I've got 16 remaining...hopefully that's where we'll end up.

I scored a 436 on the electronic handheld Yahtzee. Lame, I know but it's not often you roll 3 Yahtzee's in one game - lame or not, I am bragging.

Feeling philanthropic? Here are two great causes:

The Revlon Walk/Run raises money for research to cure women's cancers. Some very special people are honouring the memory of a very special woman. Click the logo to donate:

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I have officially abandoned the 30 poems in 30 days quest. I did write 3 in a row on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th and the inspirations and stories that were behind them really took a toll on my emotions. I simply can't produce another at this time but the month is still fairly young.
That is all for now.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Love List

concept discovered at Brookem's blog; here goes:

I love taking long walks in the fall, checking out the foliage, and the sounds of fall leaves crackling under foot. I love the smell of wood burning and yes, the sound of wood crackling in a fire.
I love my CD collection. I love the reactions people have when they see my CD collection and even more when they start “flipping through” it. I love hearing a great song for the first time.
I love Las Vegas because there is no greater forum for people watching. I love northern California. I love discovering the beauty of nature.
I love slipping under the covers onto cool sheets. I love breakfast, any time of day. I love the Sausage, Egg and Cheese McGriddle sandwich and I love Dunkin’ Donuts coffee even though Egan’s gonna give me smack about their use of Styrofoam.
I love that a core group of friends get together twice a year for a reunion. I love that we always break out in song at our reunions (it used to be with guitars, now it’s karaoke).
I love television. I love reality TV, the hammier, the better. I love comedy and laughing so hard that I have to force myself to stop so that I can breathe.
I love cold draught beer in a frosty mug, especially on a hot summer night and even more so when there is a body of water in view. I love standing in the front of a boat and feeling the mist of the ocean on my face. I love to be far enough off shore so that all that can be seen 360 degrees around in water. I love how the majesty of the ocean can be humbling, reassuring, and beautiful all at the same time.
I love reading a book that was so good that when I finish it I can’t help but stare at the cover for a while. I love DVR technology. I love and I love good customer service. I love that I am going to stop this list right now and there are still other things I love that I haven’t mentioned here.

Friday, April 04, 2008

I've Got That Helsinki Kind Of Finland

I said that once withing a group of people only when I said it I did this odd body gyration and actually got some laughs. Granted, I wouldn't doubt I was more likely being laughed at than with, but hey - a laugh is a laugh.

While it wasn't the plan initially, I have spent more time thinking about the idea of posting daily. My goal is not to force though while it has happened a very small percentage of the time, I think forcing myself to think about writing more has been a net positive.

I've managed to write a poem three days in a row.

My smoke detectors heat sensors are far too sensitive and every time the oven is on for more than 20 minutes, bango. Very annoying!

I'm kind of bummed that I haven't seen U23D as of yet, I hope I get the chance to at the IMAX. I am going to make an effort next week to see the Stones movie.

Time to grade some papers.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Simpler Times

I wrote my first poem in 1984 or 1985. It wasn't a particularly great poem but it was, is a poem and does reflect genuine emotion. Since that time I've written about 60 or so poems give or take a few.
Poems for me are often hard to explain because of all of them, only very few were calculated, that is I sat down with the intent to write a poem and managed to complete the task. Most of the time, poems come from places that are often far deeper than I am capable of reaching by choice and are what I consider to be awakenings, sent to me from my subconscious stirrings.
Anyway, yesterday when I said I would give a try at writing a poem every day in April, I didn't stop to think just how hard that would be because I am not nearly as prolific as my subconscious. I realized this today at work when I stopped to think what I should write a poem about today and came up with what I thought was an interesting idea but destroyed about a ream of scrap and it never happened.
I was ready to put an end to the misery and accept that this is no way to craft poetry. It is however a great writing exercise to keep the mind open and once I was ready to be done with it, the words SIMPLER TIMES just came to me. I wrote a verse, hated it, left it on my desk then made a PB&J and read some of my book. I went back to the desk about an hour later and saw the words SIMPLER TIMES again and it started to become clearer, not to me, but to what those words apparently meant to my inner self because I did end up writing a poem, actually a song, or part of one because the words didn't come alone, there was a definite melody as my subconscious sung them to me.

Simpler Times

It was a simpler time and place
             a softer, sweeter pace
It was sights and sounds and smells
                up close and in your face

It was a world of make believe
                    okay to be naive
It was a dreamer's paradise
that you'd never want to leave
It was walking hand in hand
          castles made of sand
It was riding waves of freedom
            into the promised land
It was all those years ago
where time went, I'll never know
It was simpler times back then
Can it ever be...again?

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


I never heard of it but I love it and am glad I stopped by Erin's blog to hear of it (gosh my English is worsening).
April is National poetry month and as such, I may try out this NaPoWriMo, so here goes yesterday's poem, written a day late of course:
Screaming in Silence in a Lonely Tunnel
My thoughts are clouded these days
Where once lay dreams and hope
there is nothing but ash and embers
Trapped, a victim of my own mistakes
unwilling to move beyond them
I dwell in this living hell
I'm screaming in silence
staring a the pinhole of light
that barely remains at the end of
this lonely tunnel
All that keeps me sane
are the tears
The bitter tears
of what no longer remains
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Note: I don't expect to post 30 poems in 30 days, but I will for certain drop a number of them here in this space.
Wanna see something amazing? Like nature? Check this out.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

MaBloPoMo, National Poetry Month, and Avril Lavigne

MaBloPoMo, the term as coined by Essentially Me. So far in 2008, 91 days, 91 posts (not counting this one). I have no freaking idea but I am having a good time.

April is National Poetry month. At the college, I built a blog for easy exchange of poems. Wanna check it out? Click the logo:

Avril Lavigne - I am going to see her tonight at the Agannis Arena at BU. My pal Steve is her lead guitarist so its pretty exciting. I'll check in later perhaps.