Saturday, April 05, 2008

Love List

concept discovered at Brookem's blog; here goes:

I love taking long walks in the fall, checking out the foliage, and the sounds of fall leaves crackling under foot. I love the smell of wood burning and yes, the sound of wood crackling in a fire.
I love my CD collection. I love the reactions people have when they see my CD collection and even more when they start “flipping through” it. I love hearing a great song for the first time.
I love Las Vegas because there is no greater forum for people watching. I love northern California. I love discovering the beauty of nature.
I love slipping under the covers onto cool sheets. I love breakfast, any time of day. I love the Sausage, Egg and Cheese McGriddle sandwich and I love Dunkin’ Donuts coffee even though Egan’s gonna give me smack about their use of Styrofoam.
I love that a core group of friends get together twice a year for a reunion. I love that we always break out in song at our reunions (it used to be with guitars, now it’s karaoke).
I love television. I love reality TV, the hammier, the better. I love comedy and laughing so hard that I have to force myself to stop so that I can breathe.
I love cold draught beer in a frosty mug, especially on a hot summer night and even more so when there is a body of water in view. I love standing in the front of a boat and feeling the mist of the ocean on my face. I love to be far enough off shore so that all that can be seen 360 degrees around in water. I love how the majesty of the ocean can be humbling, reassuring, and beautiful all at the same time.
I love reading a book that was so good that when I finish it I can’t help but stare at the cover for a while. I love DVR technology. I love and I love good customer service. I love that I am going to stop this list right now and there are still other things I love that I haven’t mentioned here.


brookem said...

Another love list! Good one Chris!

Chris said...

Brookem - thanks for the idea.