Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Primo Pasta & The Wicked Monk

It was a weekly event for a week. Me and Rob were the core and then week by week there'd be somewhat regulars, semi-regulars, and drifters who would join us.
There was one couple in particular that were regulars and would always stiff us on some of the check. Primo Pasta was cool at the time cause we were poorish and there, it was all you could eat pasta in any combo of pastas and sauces for like 8 bucks or so. The devious couple however would leave only enough loot for the pasta and the tip but neglected to ante up for the cervezas.
Working at Primo Pasta were the young ladies that were quite memorable. Two shall remain nameless, simply because I have no recollection of their names, only their hotness.
I remember one time, one of them was saying how she had gotten her belly button pierced. Well, king suave here (that would be me, amazingly) actually convinced her to show it to me, right there at our table, while she was on duty as our server. I held up my jacket, she unbuttoned the bottom of her shirt, and there it was - sweet!
The third girl, the one whose name I remember (but will likely mangle in spelling), was Arellis. Arellis was hot and sort of on the wild side. I had one of these key chain sized digital recorders. We were messing around with it and she asked if she could see it. I handed her the recorder, she left and took it with here (I believe into the bathroom), then sometime later returned it.
I can't remember where we first listened, perhaps Rob can chime in on the comments, but knowing me it had to be right there in the restaurant. What I do remember, very vividly, is what she recorded - an orgasm. A very loud, insanely wild, couldn't tell ya for certain if it was for real, orgasm.
Oh, the good times of our wacky youth(ish) days.
Now for the cliffhanger, Wanna know what I did with that sound effect? Check back tomorrow (Rob, if you remember, don't blow it in the comments :))


Chris said...

Hi all - seconds after publishing the post it hit me how weird of a topic to transition from where I was yesterday.

Oh well, look, these are the stories of my life.

Joy said...

Funny post. I can only imagine what you did with that!

Rob C said...

You know.. i forgot about the recording.. and even better, forgot what you did with it, but I have an idea.

Lets not forget we had managed to get all the waitresses to show their wild side, espectially the other one who made it a point to tell us she likes to role play as an animal during sex.

Yes.. the couple who shall remain nameless..

ahh good times.