Friday, April 11, 2008

Set List

When you go to a concert, do you listen to the artists music on the way? Do you try to predict the set list? Do you pick the songs that you are most looking forward to hearing live? Are you disappointed when one of the songs you hoped for didn't make the cut?
For artists with a smaller catalog yet have the cache to perform a "full" set must figure out how to stretch the songs and perhaps even pick some choice covers. If lucky, you might get to hear some new, previously unreleased material.
Artists with a deep catalog must figure out how to balance the new material they are likely promoting with the back catalog hoping to satisfy the masses and not disappoint with the "classics" that must be left unperformed that night. Bruce Springsteen does a cool thing where his flips the set around night after night.
Then there's the arrangements. Which do you prefer, the one you know, similar to that on the CD or an alternate, live version? For me, I like some variation.
Then, how many songs and/or how long should the set be without overstaying your welcome or leaving the audience feeling completely cheated? I happen to like the idea of leaving wanting more while at the same time thrilled with what I got.
Talk to me...


Cuzzup said...

There’s always a “mini-concert” going on in our vehicle when we’re headed to the actual concert. It’s the “I can’t wait see them live!” syndrome. It’s all about getting pumped up. The anticipation is so great, that I find it difficult to listen to Sting when I’m about to see Rush.

As for the arrangements…mix it up! It’s much more entertaining when you can’t predict what they’re going to play next! Leave that to the cd for later.

Lastly, I totally agree with you as to leaving a concert wanting more yet feeling ultimately satisfied in the end. It’s the impression they left and the memory that’s etched in your mind of the time you had that really counts.

Chris said...

Cuzzup! - Of course, what you fail to say is that your vehicle is actually larger than some concert venues.

Hey everyone, The Cuzz's and I got to see KISS at the Mandalay Bay back in the late 1990's.