Friday, May 16, 2008

About Friday

  • Just got back from a "newcomer's" dinner to welcome some new folks to our church. It was lots of fun and one of the defining moments of my faith journey, Our rector (head priest) saying grace with a bottle of Sam Adams in her crossed hands - this was a truly beautiful moment.
  • Gave my last final and submitted all my grades today, the semester (as far as teaching goes) is officially over!
  • After a brief pause, I need to re-prep my course as we move to Office 2007 in the curriculum and I switch texts for the first time in a couple of years.
  • My single most depressing moment in a library happened this week, I check out the book "High Blood Pressure for Dummies".
  • I've had a stack of roofing materials in my yard waiting for bad weather to give way so that the roofers can roof with it.
  • The expressions "Digital Insanity" and "Digitally Insane" just came to mind - I need to copyright them.
  • I had to walk away from a discussion about The Office because I hadn't yet seen the episode; that's up for this weekend.
  • I am super pooped...beddy bye for now.


Essentially Me said...

Dude!! You NEED to watch The Office pronto!

So many storylines for next season .. leaving me all giddy!!


Rob C said...

Does Microsoft still have that awesome upgrade path we used to take advantage of???

Word Verification- zvjto

Chris said...

Essentially Me - watched, loved, and discussed via email.

Rob - You know I am not sure, I've been getting my fix from work. Remember how easy that was though?

egan said...

Really, I'm still not digging The Office finale. I'm so annoyed with it I might have to lambast it on my blog. That's how I roll.