Thursday, May 15, 2008

Cheater and a Liar

I have a student that a few weeks back shockingly got a 98 on an online quiz. Even more shocking is that this student completed the quiz in about 23 minutes, even with a full 60 minute time limit and she only completed a percentage of the online training available before the quiz and with a 10 week time limit to do all of it.
Based on previous class performance to that point, I had every reason to believe that this student did not take the Windows quiz on their own so I confronted the student and asked outright if this was the case and the student denied any outside help insisting they did the quiz entirely on their own.
Fast forward to tonight, the final exam, part 5, which is made up of 33 of the 63 questions on the exam this student got a 98 on in 23 minutes. Shockingly, this student needed 33 minutes, the maximum allowed to get a grade of 27!
Once again I gave this student the opportunity to come clean, "...can you still tell me that you did the original quiz without any assistance? You did it all by yourself?" I asked. Very quietly I heard back, "yes I did."
I handed the student back the grade they would receive for the semester, an F and the student was clearly surprised! This student failed each of the in-class exams by a very large margin yet was still surprised at receiving an F.
I will be filing a report on my suspicion that this student cheated, especially because of her not willing to come clean. I don't think this student deserves to move forward, especially if they are planning to be in the medical profession. Imagine the scenario where the student is a nurse and accidentally give a wrong medication dose and the only way to save the life of the patient is for this "nurse" to own up to their mistake, but they won't...patient dies. Not gonna happen on my watch.


Essentially Me said...

You're doing the right thing.

I love that the word verification is qjerk.

For the record, I don't think you are a qjerk.

Joy said...

Yes, you did the right thing. It amazes me when they do that. Then they are surprised when they get the grade they deserve. I wouldn't want her for a nurse.

Chris said...

Essentially Me - I think it must be done. That's a funny word verification!

Joy - Scary stupid sometimes.