Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Final Review Dilemma

I'm giving my final exam next week in my Thursday night class and offered optional attendance this week and for those who choose to show would get a review for the final exam.
Class started at 6pm, at which point 1 (out of 15 or so) showed up and he only did because he forgot it was optional and had 1 question about something. This guy is almost assuredly going to get an A or close. He was gone by 6:03.
At about 6:10, I was disappointed that the few folks who really needed some help didn't make the effort to show up but fuck'em if they won't seize an opportunity so I headed out.
As I got downstairs, a colleague asked for some help so I lent a hand and then afterward realized I left my keys in my office (which happens to be adjacent to my classroom) and when I went to fetch them, realized 1 other student showed up.
Quite frankly, I wouldn't have stayed for any student because some just don't deserve the courtesy (based on a semester of poor performance and laziness) but this guy always worked hard and was late for a good reason. It was kind of cool because his major concern was with one topic so I printed off the results from his exam and went over one by one all of the problems he had with that topic.
I'll never understand why the larger percentage of people who accept help or take advantage of opportunities for extra credit are the students who don't really need it.

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