Sunday, May 18, 2008

Magic Moments

There was a period back in the 80's where I decided I wanted to dabble with magic. So, I spent some time at a couple of different magic shops and read a few books and began doing a few tricks here and there at parties. It was super fun.
There was a brief period of time that I started working kids parties (I did about half-dozen paid gigs) and the last time I ever did a "show" for kids was at my friend Duane's house for his daughter's birthday party.
I did this classic trick where I made a cone out newspaper then I took a pitcher of milk and poured the milk into the newspaper cone and then opened up the newspaper to reveal that the milk had disappeared. The kids were totally amazed (as were the adults) but since that was my last trick, I packed everything away, brought my bag upstairs and went to hang with the adults.
About five or ten minutes pass when I hear Duane's wife scream "Chris! I am gonna kill you!" Evidently the kids liked the milk trick so much that they had decided to try it out for themselves and ended up pouring the better part of a gallon of milk all over the basement floor. Good times!


Joy said...

This just adds another dimension to how interesting you are. I can just see those kids trying the trick. LOL

Joy said...

I tagged you for a meme if you feel like doing it. :-) Check my blog for instructions.

Chris said...

Joy - All I got to see was the milky residue, but I am still laughing about it all these years later.

Joy - I'l check out the meme. Thanks for the tag!

egan said...

Was it about this time you had that fro?

I thought I'd be a magician someday. Instead I'm a blogger who's borderline nuts. Does that count?

I can make coins disappear.

Chris said...

It was post fro, but just post fro.

Of course it counts, everything counts.