Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Saturday in Bullets

*Disclaimer: Just because I am using bullets does not make this post "fluff" or filler. I happen to think that bullets serve this particular post better than paragraph format.
  • Jim Paolillo from came by to repair the faulty grout at the base of the shower.
  • The before and after pics on the hoe page of his website are of my bathroom.
  • While walking about the driveway today, I noticed a number of stray roofing nails on the ground (actually Jim noticed them first) where the dumpster was (I cleaned them up and scoured for any other strays - don't need another tire problem).
  • I went by Whole Foods at lunchtime to troll for samples and some sushi and ran into a former student who works in the cheese department (he stopped me to ask me a computer question).
  • Nutella on Banana Bread, who'd of thunk it? you ask - Me, that's who and yes, it was fabulous.
  • I finished watching the Season 3 DVD's of The Odd Couple - Season 4 is scheduled to ship in mid-June (it's on pre-order at Amazon).
  • If memory serves me correctly, today is Richard Loperina's birthday, Happy Birthday "Geekie".
  • There've been a few instances of late where I have spontaneously burst into tears and I'm not certain why.
  • I satisfied two cravings that I've had for a very long time all in one meal tonight: a burger and a margarita (on the rocks of course and with salt, the only way).
  • I just watched a Clint Holmes special on a cable station I've never heard of. How many of you out there have any clue who Clint Holmes is?
  • 530 or so.


Essentially Me said...

Nutella on ANYTHING, dude. On anything.


Chris said...

Essentially Me - anything for sure, How about anyone? (I jsut said that didn't I?)