Saturday, May 03, 2008

White Trash Party at Walmart

With the Walk for Hunger set for tomorrow I have been monitoring the weather forecast in between the hectic world of nearing the end of the spring semester's busy-ness. Unfortunately, there is rain in the forecast and as miserable as the thought of walking 20 miles in rainy weather sounds, I have lived the experience and know exactly what I am in for; and I am not happy.

I thought it might be a good idea to have a rain poncho. I'm not a sport hiker or anything so it was impossible for me to justify the $80 poncho at REI, so I thought Walmart might have the solution that fit my needs and budget.

Much to my surprise, the parking lot resembled that of a Christmas time rush as did the inside of the store. I couldn't believe the crowd; there were lines at the cashiers weaving in an out if aisles, it was totally insane.

After struggling my way through the crowded aisles that are barely wide enough to fit two wagons going in opposite directions, I did find a snappy rain poncho that I am certain will serve the purpose and at $6, it was easy on the wallet. Of course while there I chose to maximize my trip costs ($3.59 a freaking gallon!) and selected a few other essential items before my long wait to pay for my purchases.

Through it all, I just couldn't get over the crowd. I kept joking with people that I expected the lights to dim and a DJ to start busting out some phat jams. I couldn't resist asking people if they had any clue why it was so busy, I almost felt like I might have stepped out of reality and forgotten about some holiday that I should have shopped earlier for.

And yes, I used the term "white trash" in the title and I know it's an awful, derogatory term. However, I was there and it fits.


Joy said...

Tell me about it!

Chris said...

Joy - :)