Monday, June 30, 2008

And then even more Political Issues

The topic for this post, Taxes. I wonder if there are any humans capable of deciphering all of the tax code? The complexity of the tax code is about the only thing on the planet I find more perplexing than the demonic excuse for a higher ed math class commonly referred to as calculus.
I must confess, the single most logical statement I have ever heard regarding taxes was when H. Ross Perot was running for president and referred to a "flat tax". The premise, one tax rate for everyone. For me, I have never heard a good explanation why when someone works hard, they are penalized by having to pay more of their dollar that someone who makes less money (not necessarily by not working as hard). I just don't think I can ever understand that.
All that being said, I understand the need for taxes but I just don't want to feel like I am being taxed to death. It's so discouraging to work so hard to earn more money only to end up having to pay more taxes and not really benefiting as much as the extra effort would indicate that you should.
Turns out I have no idea how to tackle this topic from a political perspective. Oh, one thing that needs to change are the "wealth indicators". I think that the only people that think a household income of say $120,000 per year (about 250% of the 2006 median house hold income) is alot of money are the people that make less. The fact is that it isn't all that much money and is even less when there are children, a mortgage, and other expenses involved. Dollars need to be factored into the context of the household in which they are earned.
That is for me for now on this.


egan said...

Americans being taxed to death? Now that's funny compared to other countries around the world. That's like saying our gas prices are high.

Chris said...

Egan - I know that gas prices in European countries ahve been high forever, Canada and Most of South America as well. I don't know much about taxes in other countries.

I'm not sure the fact that my taxes or gas prices are cheaper than elsewhere if that would be enough to make me feel better.

High gas prices however could have a positive effect on the environment however if people decided to use less of it by going hybrid or looking for alternate methods of transport etc.

Am I nuts to fel like I am being taxed to death?

Joy said...

I think we should have a flat tax rate. The hundreds of dollars that 10% (or whatever) I'd have to pay would be proportional to Bill Gates' millions.

I wouldn't mind paying more taxes if we got more for it like they do in Europe.

Chris said...

Joy - Interesting take.

egan said...

Taxes are pretty much the same old thing. We pay very low taxes compared to other "western" countries.

Flat taxes benefit the wealthy, don't they already have enough power to persuade?