Thursday, June 26, 2008

My New Favorite Luxury Item

I love innovation, specially when it's something that steps beyond the boundaries of a useful gadget into the realm of smart (and dare I say attractive).

I've had quite a few coffee machines in my day and in fact, have two others that have now been reassigned to the basement. Here are the features that make this darling machine so wonderful to me:
  • programmable turn-on time (humans should have this feature)
  • programmable auto shut off
  • 30 seconds to hot coffee paradise
  • no filters
  • no mess
  • no clean-up
  • neat blue led lighting
It's a great machine. I love you Keurig :)
Look what I got in the email today:
Hi Chris,

I caught your post about your Keurig brewer. We certainly appreciate your enthusiasm for our products!

So, we'd like to send you some free K-Cups. If you're interested and reply to me with what kind of coffee types you prefer (light, medium, dark, flavored etc.) and/or what brands, I'll have a shipment sent out to you. Please also supply your shipping address.

Thanks for being a Keurig fan!

Erin Wormell
Internet Marketing Manager
Keurig, Incorporated


Joy said...

My son got his wife one for Christmas. They love it. I had never heard of one before they told me about it. Glad you like yours.

Chris said...

Joy - I like it so much I am thinking of getting a second for my ofice at work, it's pay for itself considering a medium Dunkin Donuts' coffee is $1.88 these days.

egan said...

My buddy has one of those and it's damn cool. Better yet, no wasted styrofoam cups at the local DD.

Chris said...

Egan - I haven't been to DD in a week, yay Keuring!

Essentially Me said...

Well look at that!

I'm going to write a post about Leonardo DiCaprio. Perhaps his agent will send him to me in the mail!

Chris said...

Essentially Me - I'm cosidering doing a weekly shameless plug just to see how much free stuff I can get :) I realy do dig this Keuring - it's cool that they somehow found my post then took the time to contact me.

egan said...

See, these shameless plugs do amount to something. Good on them for their generous offerings. I'm a convert. Go Keurig!

I like Essentially Me's train of thought, but I thought she'd write about Chris Martin.

Chris said...

Egan - It actually made me feel good about something. I too like EM's train of thought, etc.

CoffeeMan said...

You can also get Free K-Cups for it :). No kidding, take a look they giveaways free K-Cups weekly.

Joy said...

This happened to me when I mentioned the problems I was having with my cable TV. Someone from the main office in Philly called me on the phone! I got all kinds of service!

Like you, I've thought of branching out with this. They have google alert and follow up. I guess want positive comments on blogs. It sort of creeped me out at first and felt like Big Brother!

Joy said...

I didn't mention the cable company's name, or he'd know about that comment. LOL

Cool, Chris! Way to go!