Sunday, June 22, 2008

U2 SNL and Other Bullet Items

November 20, 2004- U2 was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live. Their performance was beyond electric, there were 3 songs performed on camera and a fourth after the show went off the air. Vertigo, Sometime's You Can't Make it On Your Own, and I Will Follow made it to air and onto my DVR where it has lived until I finally transferred it to the hard drive on my DVD recorder and as of last night, onto DVD. I think I actually did this step once before like a year or so ago but I can't find the DVD I burned back then for the life of me. So, now I once again have this spectacular performance burned onto DVD and watched it four times yesterday.
  • A former colleague back in Brooklyn used to say on days where allergies caused her eyes to itch much like mine are now, "I'd like to remove my eyeballs from my head, run them under cold water, then pop them back in." That's how I feel today.
  • As I write this, I am watching Giada stuff her face in Vancouver and am stunned at how hot she is even while stuffing her face.
  • The yesterday and today conundrum of the day: How do you get all of those great 90 minute "mix tapes" onto 8- minute CD's? (TGFMP3)
  • Driving a car that gets 15 MPG is getting increasingly difficult.
Later for now.

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