Saturday, June 07, 2008

When a Kiss Isn't Just a Kiss

I read a story in the news this past week about an incident at Safeco Field in Seattle. Evidently a woman complained that an usher at Safeco Field asked her to stop kissing her date because it was making another fan uncomfortable. Her date happenned to be another woman.

I wan't there, so I don't know how intensely they were kissing. If in fact they were deep in the throws of passion neglecting to consider they were in a public place then perhaps there is a point to be made but not because they both happen to be the same sex, but because there is a line of everybody that shouldn't be crossed in public.

Beyond that, I find it utterly repulsive that the usher would even consider approaching the couple based solely on the fact that they are a same sex couple. I know that there are still people out there that can't fathom homosexuality, especially that close up, but it's time for them to get a grip on the real world, one populated with people of all sorts. Ultimately, they, we, are all people and each of us deserves the same respect.

For those that find it somehow shocking to see two people of the same gender sharing a kiss, perhaps these far more shocking realities in life are ones you should focus more on; and not for their shock value but for reason that are way too obvious to have to get into here:
  • The number of people who die everyday fighting a war that been senseless from the start.
  • Gas prices have essentially tripled since GWB became president.
  • Slavery still exists.
  • 1 out of 17 people die from a mosquito related death.
  • More than 38 million people around the world are infected by HIV/AIDS, 25 million in Africa alone.
  • ONE person in seven has no access to clean water for drinking, cooking or washing.
Do I need to go on? A kiss really is just a kiss, let's sweat the big stuff.


Joy said...

I totally agree with you on all of this. Your list is what is shocking, and I also don't like to see anyone making out in public. A brief kiss is one thing but not that.

Chris said...

Joy - My list only scratches the surface of what really nees attention.

Joy said...

Oh, tell me about it! I have a long list, too.

egan said...

Ha, this is my stadium. This is our planet. Why shit like this even makes the news given the other topics you mentioned, is beyond me? Seriously, can't we worry about other things?

I must say the woman accused isn't completely innocent here based on what I've read in the local media. Still, you have to think nobody would have complained if it was a straight couple.