Monday, July 28, 2008

Gorilla Bananas

I received a comment on my previous post, about Brett "the Arse" Favre (yet pronounced Farve), by someone claiming to be of simian origin by the name of Gorilla Bananas. I am not sure how this particular gorilla found my blog other than perhaps a search for the word "arse" which I used in that post and also a word that Gorilla Bananas seems to enjoy.
Regardless, I am happy to have anyone, even a gorilla as a reader and this particular gorilla happens to have a Blog as well called The Japing Ape which I began to read and started to laugh so uncontrollably, I had to leave the room I was in.
Later I'll add the Japing Ape to my list on the right but for now if you wish to check out the blog, click the link above and get ready to laugh.

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