Monday, July 28, 2008

Points I'm Pondering

  • Will Amy Winehouse be alive when our next president is inaugurated?
  • Why was I so happy to get gas for "only" $3.799/gallon today?
  • What enjoyment value does my cat get from sitting atop a stack of important papers?
  • When will Cuzzup get her ass onto Facebook?
  • Why do I love attacking some por soul while playing Mob Wars yet take it personally when I am attacked in just such a way?
  • Why the heck can't I get my act together and spend more time prepping my courses for the fall semester?
  • 530
  • President Obama - it has to happen, if not, we are truly doomed.
  • What am I going to have for lunch tomorrow?


Joy said...

I wonder about many of those things, too. I won't be able to stand it if we don't have President Obama.

Essentially Me said...

How much money does it cost to fill up your tank?

Chris said...

Joy - Great minds think alike :)

Essentially Me - A full tank is between 70 and 80 bucks for my gas guzzler. I remember two summers ago when I was in Canada how much more expensive gas was then, I can only imagine now :(. My car broke down in Halifax en route to PEI and I had to leave it at a shop and rented a car, thankfully more fuel efficient.

Joy said...

It takes between $40-45 to fill mine right now.