Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Shakin' and Quakin'

There was an earthquake in SoCal earlier today and I hope that everyone made it through safely. Michael mentioned it on twitter so I am taking that as a sign that he and Jenn are safe, I am still waiting to hear from another Jenn.

There are a few new items occupying some real estate over on the right, one of which is a shout-out box, living there on a trial basis. If you wanna shout out to me or anyone or just speak your mind about anything, go for it!

Another new item there is an ad for Keurig coffee makers. Last month, I professed my love for my new Keurig coffee machine. Surprisingly, I was contacted by Keurig and as a result, they sent me a very generous gift of k-cups for which I was and am truly grateful. I am so in love with this coffee machine that I want to get one for my office so that I no longer need to buy coffee but after dropping nearly $200 (worth every penny and more) on the one I bought for the house, cash is tight so I am hoping that my friends at Keurig might consider my new ad at the top right (under the heading BUY ONE OF THESE) that links to their website might be considered compensation for one of their units. Dear Keurig folks, I am super grateful for what you have already done, I'm just asking though because it would make me so darn happy! I'm super flexible on the ad idea if you are interested and if not, I'll keep it there for a time anyway because I really am a believer.

One last new item is the "Twitter Me This" section, also on the right. I finally set up a twitter account and this section brings over the last 10 or 15 "tweets". Feel free to follow me on twitter - again, this is somewhat experimental for me but thus far, it's kind of cool.

That's all for now. Oh, one last thing, if you do go buy a Keurig (which you totally should), please find some way of letting them know that I inspired you.


radioactive girl said...

I have the flavia machine and love it. My husband actually just took it to work with him because he drinks way more coffee than I do. We also tried the senseo, which I did not love as much and gave it away after I tried it. I would love to try this new one and if I do, I will definitely tell them you told me to.

Isn't it shocking when something you have written about gets attention from the company? I will never forget when I wrote about some product and the president of the company emailed me and left a comment on the post too. I always think I am just writing, but in reality people are actually paying attention to what we write. Both very cool and sort of scary at the same time!

Chris said...

Radioactive Girl - I have the Senseo as well and don't like it much either; it now lives in my basement.

It is super shocking but so cool to be noticed like that.

CoffeeMan said...

I Love my Keurig. Coffee is superb :) Free K-Cups sounds very cool. Check this website, they Giveaway K-Cups every Week.

brookem said...

I LOVE those Keurig machines! My dad has one and there was one in the doctor's office on Tuesday!

Chris said...

Brookem - It really is super cool!