Monday, August 04, 2008

Coffee Talk

NOTE: To those of you expecting a review of sorts or information about the Bruce Springsteen concert, it is forthcoming as a podcast. However, right now there just is no time to make that happen as I am mixing/mastering a CD project that must take precedence along with paying bills and a few other necessary household chores I've neglected lately; not to mention I've had about 12 minutes sleep in the last few days. In lieu of the expected post, here is an alternate post:
When I was in Vegas, I went to at least half-a-dozen Starbucks in hopes of acquiring a refreshing decaf mocha frappachino (with whipped cream of course). The troubling response I received at each one was "I'm sorry, we've discontinued the decaf frapps." While angered, I tried to put things into the perspective of the city I was in and thought perhaps there isn't nearly as large a market for decaffeinated beverages in such a city. This doesn't make the decision any more logical to me, but at least it seemed to be enough of an explanation to help me get over it for the time being (that and the fact that there were loads of $1 margaritas and $2 Heinekens to take my mind off the subject).

Fast forward to today, one day short of a week since I have been in Vegas and the frappachino cravings are stirring about as I am out to lunch. I drive on over to a local Starbucks a order a "grande decaf mocha frapp with whipped" once again to be denied having been told that they no longer have decaf frapps. Having had to draw my own conclusion in Vegas, I felt compelled to ask for the actual reason for such an irresponsible and ridiculous decision. Unfortunately, the one that I got from the horse's mouth was far stupider than the one I concocted on my own.

"Now that we have our new Vivanno drinks, there isn't enough room in our refrigerator." WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST SAY? I don't even want to take this any farther, that is just stupid. Most people that drink decaf because they must, for health reasons. Clearly it's within their right to simply discontinue decaf beverages, perhaps from a business perspective is just isn't practical to use the space designated to decaf for the percentage of profit it represents but you know what, how about just saying it that way. While I won't be any less pissed at least I won't think you are a complete jackass making up ridiculous excuses that make no sense. Quite frankly, Styrofoam seems a little more tolerable today.

Now that I've got that off my chest and mentioned Styrofoam, here's an update on my quest to speak to the CEO of Dunkin Donuts regarding the persistent use of Styrofoam instead of paper and/or eco-friendly cups:

I spoke to an executive assistant on several occasions that refused to allow her voice to be recorded and requested that her name not be printed in any form on my blog. There was a lot of runaround and a lot of getting bumped from one executive to another regarding who was best to respond to my inquiry. Quite frankly, I was surprise that I didn't just get a fairly immediate canned response and the actions that were taken lead me to assume that these inquiries have probably come from eco-conscious organizations. Ultimately, after about a dozen phone calls and a lot of runaround the response I got translated to me the same way that my pal Egan expected – Styrofoam is cheaper. Less expensive cups equal greater profits. It seems far too narrow minded for a reasonably large American corporation but then when I consider Exxon-Mobil on the grander scale I guess while pathetic and sad, it isn't all that hard to believe and it makes me wonder if these organizations should work they way from the bottom up getting the franchisees involved in the fight and ultimately forcing the corporate hand. Perhaps I am dreaming.

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