Friday, August 29, 2008


I was chatting on the phone this afternoon as a measure of procrastination from the work I had started, needed to get done, but wanted no part of. Confronting the inevitable, I took the computer out of sleep mode and reached for a pen when I realized I was unable to fully close my right hand.

I took a gander at my right hand and notice the ring finger was quite swollen and looks super funky, almost dislocated (but evidently not since there was no pain to speak of). I had no idea what to do but thought I should consider speaking with a doctor.

I pulled up a list of local orthopedists after making the assumption this was the proper direction. In total I called about 8 doctor's offices after calling the one orthopedic specialist I knew (he was away for the Memorial day weekend), only one office had a doctor working and he was overbooked and could not see me.

Finally, I decided to take a trip to the emergency room because I knew something wasn't right and I wanted to be smart and safe about it. I was happy that there wasn't a long wait and that the triage nurse was someone I know.

the doctor came in and she looked with confusion asking the obvious questions: Was there any trauma? Do you remember being bitten by an insect? Were you hanging around in a wooded area? Any possible exposure to poison ivy? No, No,No, and No.

"Does this hurt (as she pressed firmly on the swollen, nubby looking, portion of the finger in question)"? Once again, no. "To be honest with you, I have no idea what it is." The leading possibilities are an allergic reaction and a skin infection. The official diagnoses was "swollen joint" and I was told to take some Benadryl and if the condition worsened, to take an antibiotic (using a prescription that was in my "get the hell out of here" packet) and of course, if necessary, return.

As I write this about 7 hours has passed since I left the ER and I would consider the condition "the same". I took 2 Benadryl earlier and they knocked me out good for a while. Oh, well....


Joy said...

Some people will do anything to get out of work! I'm going to feel bad for saying this if it's something bad.

Chris said...

Joy - LOL! I already had the day off,but I did have lots of prep work to do for my classes. Today as I look at the finger, which is stilll swollen and still won't function properly, there is evidence of what may be an insect bite.