Monday, August 18, 2008

It's Cuzzup's Birthday (and I thought she was losing her mind)

I called Cuzzup this afternoon to chit chat about Metallica but she needed to blow me off because of work (fuddy dud :) So she calls me tonight (she's rambling about organizing picture files right now as I type this) and we start chatting. "I had cupcakes today!" she said. Seemingly coming out of left field with that my first thought was that perhaps Cuzz needs some serious time away, maybe even in need of an evaluation, if you get what I am saying.

Then she started talking about sharing her cupcakes and I'm thinking, yay! Then I had to stop myself and say hey, wait a minute. What the hell is today's date that cupcakes might be relevant - I mean I know my Cuzz might be off the wall a bit but she can't be crazier than I at this point (I don't think).

So I start doing the math in my head remembering that Friday was the 15th of August...that makes Saturday the 16th, Sunday the 17th, Monday the's the 18th, August 18th..."it's your friggin' birthday!!! Happy Birthday Cuzzup!"

I really am so bad with dates. Bad me.


Cuzzup said...


Chris said...

Now based on that comment I'm on the fence as who the nutty one is again. :)