Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Looking Back - Part 2

A few years before the video in yesterday's post, Melinda and I were working together at the record store and she was living with her boyfriend, who was considerably older and not big on hanging out and clubbing and stuff. Melinda and I were close friends at the time, I wanted more than friendship but she didn't know that at the time and besides, I wasn't about to do that to her boyfriend, who was a good guy.

It was Easter eve and Melinda and I were going out to a club. I can't remember the name of it but it had four floors, a disco floor, a new wave floor, an R&B floor, and I can't recall the last one. It's one of those clubs where they line you up outside and discriminate who gets in based on some thugs opinion of how you look (or how well you grease his palm). I know that I was gonna get rejected but fortunately I was with Melinda who was dressed, shall we say, appropriately (spiked pink hair and frilly spandex went a long way in those days).

I remember it being a wild night, we closed the joint somewhere between 3and 4 am. I also recall meeting this dude with a mohawk that was literally about 2-3 feet high. Of course my first question to him was "How do you get your hair to stay up like that?" His answer, "K-Y Jelly!!!"

After we closed down the place we ran about the city and got ourselves into situations that we shouldn't have, but it was fun. We ended up in a diner around 5and this guy came over and started chatting with us, all the while I thought he was trying to move in on Melinda until it became evident it was I he was hitting on (welcome to New York City nightlife). Anyway, we got out of there and headed back home and I saw Melinda to her house and that's when it got awkward.

She and I walked into her and her boyfriend's apartment at 8 am on Easter Sunday(of all days) after being up, out, and partying all night, looking and smelling as such and there he is in bed trying to pretend it was all okay with him when clearly the look on his face said otherwise. I bailed quick.


Joy said...

They broke up eventually, right?

Chris said...

Joy - they did but it was a while after this particular escapade.