Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Making Choices

Briefly edited Thursday morning in a more awake state:

Tonight I had the chance to get my podcast complete or speak with my brother (whom I haven't spoken to in a few months). I opted to speak with my brother, I needed to talk to him and he needed me, we spoke for two and a half hours.

I did re-record the podcast and need to assemble it so I expect it to be ready tomorrow. I did finish the CD I was working on so I do feel like I am making some progress.

Egan, I got your messages and would love to hear more about Starbucks strategy given your inside knowledge. The consumer in me is having a hard time not being able to get the product I want. Of course, I recognize my opinion on the matter is that of the selfish consumer and not of the coporate strategist and I have a great deal of respect for how you are able to put things into perspective regardless of whether or not we agree on something.

I need to get sleep. Goodnight everyone.


egan said...

I think it's good family wins vs. the podcast. That's how it should be right. A couple days ago my bro called, I surfed the net on my iPod touch while on the phone. Look at me, I'm multitasking.

I will give you more information on the decaf thing. Let me consult my sources. And thanks for the very nice compliment.

Chris said...

Egan - You are welcome. You are a very level headed guy, I can be but often give in to my emotions to the point where the dictate my reactions instead of letting them run their course and think things through. You're a good man and I am really glad to know you.

Joy said...

I agree with Egan and am glad you talked with your brother.

Chris said...

Joy - It was a tough conversation at times, my bro is dealing with some tough business stuff but I too am glad we had the chance to speak.