Monday, August 25, 2008

Ribbon in the Sky

I wrote this poem on this date in 1999. The poem, called "Ribbon in the Sky" was inspired after this girl Tania and I kind of got wrapped around the song of the same name by Stevie Wonder. One night I listened to the song and there happened to be a pen and paper nearby. I picked up the pen, put it to the paper, and this is what came out.

I’m told there is a ribbon floating in the sky above
and that this ribbon represents
the wonder of our love

Drawn from different worlds, two lonely hearts collide
to explore familiar feelings
that come from deep inside

It somehow seems so natural, sometimes too good to be true
but beyond all doubt lies a heart that beats
for what it sees in you

And now you must accept that what’s happening is real
let your heart be your guide
believe in what you feel

This road, though sometimes scary, if you follow from the start
will fill each promise and desire
and lead you to your heart

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