Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Pronounced shnitz-en-ka-boodle, a word created by Cuzzup originally to replace the expression "Oh, Shit!" but can be used to express any such highly emotnional experience that must be accentuated with exclamatory verbiage for which Webster's can't provide an adequate substitute.

A note to Brookem, Cuzzup wants you to know that she's been spreading the word "Skrinkering" all about the state of Arizona.

That's all for now.

5 3 0


egan said...

Again with the 530. Again with the Verizon. Let's hear about the DD findings.

brookem said...

oh i like that word. ill try that one out.

im confused who cuzzup is. i see mention of them before but i am still not positive. tho i do appreciate the spreading of the skrinkerage!

Chris said...

Egan - The 530 thing,well it's my systery # and this is fun. As far as Verizon, I don't particularly have any affection for Verizon but as a consumer who has used similar services from other providers, in my region (which could very well be relevant, especially for cellular), Verizon provides the best quality and most reliable services. The DD findings I reported some time back, there wan't much to report other than getting a ridiculous amount of runaround and pretty much "off the record" affirmations of what you suspected all along, that it's all about the $$$$. I also confirmed that while the franchisees do purchase their own supplies, they must adhere strictly to guidelines setforth by the franchiser and there are currently zero requirements or incentives set forth by DD corporate to switch to recyclable materials all the way around.

Brookem - Cuzzup in my cousin in Arizona who is a dedicated reader of my blog and a fan of many of my blogger friends as a result.

Joy said...

You're just a regular walking commercial! Seriously, I do like Cuzzup's word and am glad to know she's your cousin. Where in Arizona? As you know, I love central AZ!

Chris said...

Joy - Desert Hills, which I think is about 30-40 miles North East of Phoenix