Saturday, August 30, 2008


Here's an excerpt from a conversation with Cuzzup:

Me: Who is CuzzHuzz's favorite actress?
Cuzzup: I'm not sure, at one time he sorta had a thing for Daisy Fuentes.
Me: Daisy Fuentes? She's not an actress, I'm not even sure she has a vagina. She might have one of those Barbie things going on down there.
Cuzzup: (Laughing hard) That reminds me of when we used to pull off Barbie's limbs and put the arms where the legs go and the legs where the arms go.
Me: Have you ever swapped out limbs between Barbie and Ken?

Thought just occurred, Barbie and Ken had the same genitalia! What the hell does that mean?


Joy said...

I can tell you two are related. People say that about some of us in my family, too.

Chris said...

Joy - :)