Saturday, August 16, 2008

Some Guys Have All The Luck

Rod Stewart Live at the Comcast Center in Mansfield Massachusetts last night.
Knowing there was rain in the forecast, there was a part of me that hoped that opening act Josh Kelley would surrender his set in favor of a miracle, an early start for the headliner. However, after the fact I am glad he played his set. Going into the show I had no clue who Josh Kelley was, not even the fact that he's Katherine Heigl's husband, and after his set I have the desire to listen to more of his music (I've ordered three of his CD's from the library).

Rod Stewart came out following a somewhat funny, somewhat cheesy animated parody of himself as "The Rodminator" and quickly grabbed the attention of the partially rain-soaked crowd (about half the seats in the amphitheater are covered) with "Some Guys Have All the Luck" and several things became clear almost immediately.

Rod Stewart is 63 years old, his average fan base is, well let's just say my age-ish, and he understands how to use his talents. I've seen him twice before, once in the late 80's and once in the early 90's and the rock and roll concert with stacks of amplifiers and trash and vaudeville wardrobe has been left behind to a more mature set design, very clean and the outfits are some form of Rock and Roll conservative, yet smart and effective.

The show Stewart put on last night was very much like a show I'd expect to see in Las Vegas. Some might take this negatively, it shouldn't be. A Las Vegas show is very specifically structured and designed to a target audience, it has some very mechanical aspects and if the performer is as good as Rod Stewart was last evening, you don't see the mechanics of the show, all you end up leaving with is the entertainment value and that for certain is what I left with.

Given all that, I'm not going to go through the set list and complain about what was missing, that's too easy to do with someone whose song catalog dates back four decades. It was a terrible evening to see a concert outdoors and while I could completely talk about how miserable it was to be in the rain the truth is, ultimately it was worth it.


Joy said...

I saw him in concert a few years ago in Nashville at the arena where the Predators hockey team plays. They have concerts there with huge audiences. Fortunately, it's inside. The rain would have bothered me - mostly because I hate to be uncomfortable and inconvenienced.

I really enjoyed his concert and had the same impressions you did about this one. Nothing negative - all fun and entertaining. I'm definitely in that target audience.

Chris said...

Joy - Being soggy sucks!