Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Systems of the Edumacational

This is an email I received from a college student today, it is completely unedited:

Hi, Prof. Deniele,

The school blackboard is can't display the webpage in this noon. How can I open it up? Will be great if I can ues it in this week. Thank you!

I'll pass up the opportunity to ofer my own commentary and simply ask for yours, I am very interested in anything and everything any of you have to say.


Essentially Me said...

I"m sorry I just can't touch that. Oh dear.

brookem said...

umm.... so is the student just a bad typer? english is his second language? he was bombed when he wrote this?

Joy said...

Please tell me he's foreign and hasn't learned English that well.

Even my worst dumbass students wrote better than that.

egan said...

Some people aren't native English speakers and that means their keyboards have different layouts than ours.

Um, I don't want to say anything, but I will, you have your own typo on this post. Oops.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Chris,

Unfortunately in todays day and age the lack of initiative early on in a students educational journey is playing a factor on their performance in this generation. I'm not saying thats the sole factor, but it does play a role because if you don't excel in your first grade studies and you somehow make it to the second grade, not knowing first grade material, what makes one think they are going to excel at second grade material and so on..nice catch on the typo..*laughs out loud*

Your nephew,


Chris said...

Steven - You raise a very good point. Our ridiculous current president has made matters worse with "No Child Left Behind" which forces schools to "teach to the test" instead of teaching the students and understanding each of them as individual learners.