Sunday, September 07, 2008

All Dressed Up

One more from the photo archive, this is me at my sister's wedding in 1987 with my "date". Date is in quotes because she was my "date" but not my date. her name is Lisa and we were great pals. I lost touch with her years ago and miss her so if anyone knows the whereabouts of Lisa Kallman, last address I have for her was in Colorado (she was a ski bum), put her in touch - I'd love to catch up.

Useless fact: I bought a car from Lisa's dad - a 1976 Mercury Monarch; for $200.00.



Essentially Me said...

Find her on Facebook!

Joy said...

You both look stoned in the picture, especially Lisa.

I hope you find her. I've wanted to find an old boyfriend just to see what's going on in his life but haven't had any luck.

Chris said...

Essentially Me - I could swear I tried that but gave it another go today and think I found her - friend requested (no response yet).

Joy - I can't verify if I was stoned though the possibility exists (for me, I can't speak for Lisa). I can say with certainty that I had a few drinks by that point.

Lisa and I were never boyfriend/girlfriend but we were definitely good friends. She had the best laugh and was just an all around cool person.