Monday, September 29, 2008

Blogger's Block?

It seems I have a touch of Blogger's Block. I suspect it's driven by my 11+ day bout with the common cold along with a totally different work schedule this semester plus some responsibilities I've been shirking and have had to step up of late.

The Yankees have ended their season without making it to postseason play for the first time in well more than a decade. I'm picking either the Cubs or the Dodgers to go all the way.

I received a funny voice mail from Egan a CBS executive named Tim asking about how I enjoyed the premiere of the new season of Survivor.

My cat also has a crush on EM.

We'll see if the Pats can get it back in gear this coming weekend after an early, but needed, bye week.

16 minutes ago I learned that there is a "La Paz" in Mexico after assuming when I first heard the mention that they were referring to Bolivia's capital city.



Essentially Me said...

I have to say I have a bit of a crush on your cat right now.

Joy said...

Glad you're feeling better. That was quite a cold you had.

Now about that blogger's block. To quote Cher in Moonlighting, "Get over it!" Seriously, I have those periodically. Sometimes we just don't have much to say.

Chris said...

EM - :)

Joy - Still not fully healed from said cold but improving daily. Love the Moonlighting reference, I caught about 9 or 10 seconds of it flipping channels recently and it made me laugh hearing Cher with that accent (says the New Yawker).

SM said...

I'm a Dodger's girl, so I'm picking them. As long as I don't watch any of the games, they should be fine (I've long stated that I curse them when I watch them play.)

egan said...

Your cat or you? I'm just saying.

Tim likes to find the truth!

Chris said...

SM - Even being a Yankees fan, I would enjoy a Dodger win so Joe Torre can stick it to Steinbrenner.

Tim/Egan - Of course me - that is why I said "My cat also has a crush on EM." You little investigative reporter you.

egan said...

I think you're saying "your cat" as though he were channeling you though. I'm not saying you are wrong to feel that way. Having a crush on EM is all the rage these days, feline or not.