Sunday, September 07, 2008

A Dog Called Bear

This was my dog, back in the later part of the seventies, her name was "Bear". Bear was a stray that my brother found around the police station, and she basically followed him home.

She was an odd one with many quirks but overall, adapted okay. Bear was especially afraid of my dad, who never had a good relationship with dogs and Bear was no exception. Every time my dad called her, much less looked at her, she pee'd. Eventually this led my dad to bring her to a shelter when we weren't looking but not before we grew totally attached to her, despite her oddities.


Essentially Me said...

Bear is cute!

Joy said...

That makes me sad.

Chris said...

Essentially Me - She was a super interesting dog. She gave birth to 7 puppies in a box and totally destryed my brother's bed to make herself a suitable birthing pen.

Joy - It made me sad. Here's how I found out...I was eating dinner and dropped a piece of meat unintentionally. When Bear didn't immediately come over to investigate I called her and when she didn't come, they fessed up.