Tuesday, September 02, 2008

First Day of Class Observations

After 10+ years of teaching professionally, this marks the first time I've taught a credit class in the daytime. I've always been able to make observations about the differences in the two populations (evening vs. day), many of them are obvious, but the experience of being in front of them, as their instructor (I've given a number of lectures and workshops in a guest role) - painted a clearer picture (which I'm certain will unravel over the course of the next 15 weeks).

Right off the bat, one observation that makes me unhappy is the percentage of my students who are young enough to be my offspring. This may not be so alarming at the elementary level but at the college level - aye caramba! (and I don't consider myself old by any means, well, maybe my one or two means).

Stepping out of my own classroom (for now) and onto the whole campus:

There are a few of them that have a cockiness about them that seems to warrant a punch from someone other than me.

Two words for some of the parents of said COLLEGE students, "LET THE FUCK GO!" I know, you're saying to yourself (unless you are one of these parents), that's 4 words but trust me,they won't be able to tell the difference. Apparently they couldn't care less that FEDERAL LAW prohibits us from conversing about their child to them even if they "PAY THE GODDAMN TUITION!"

Why when given the chance to register for classes all summer do these numb nuts wait until school actually begins to try to register then get pissed that they have to wait in lines, aren't enough open classes, and heaven forbid, need to take a placement test. If I were making the call I would not allow late registration, I don't think that level of irresponsibility should be encouraged. In consideration for the few that are forced to register late for legitimate reasons beyond their control, I would like to see the college offer a series of core courses that run a 12 week session beginning in the third week of the semester. This doesn't penalize the teachers and students who are trying to get things started by having them be interrupted with latecomers who think they are entitled to additional time to make up the work they missed.

Okay, enough.


Joy said...

Makes sense to me. I'll be interested to hear how you feel about this class as time goes on.

I taught a few classes as an adjunct on Saturday and during the summer at an art and film college in Nashville (Watkins - neat website). The classes were smaller and almost no one knew I was there. LOL

Several things might be different this time for you.

Chris said...

Joy - I'll keep you posted on the adventures.