Monday, September 22, 2008

The Head Cold from Where all Head Colds Come From

I've had this head cold since Friday. I kind of felt it coming on but then, I was sitting down in the afternoon and sneezed, and that was it, full-on.

I am home sick today which gave me some time to get some rest, which I clearly needed, and while still feeling somewhat crappy, I am improving.

Some quick movie reviews:
  • Captivity - what Hostel wasn't.
  • Mad Money - worth a rental.
  • The Bucket List - terrific.
  • The Eye - too Lifetime-ish for me.
  • Next - Good flick
  • I Am Legend - forget the film, read the book.


egan said...

Now these are movie reviews I can get behind.

Chris said...

Egan - A movie review should never be longer than the movie itself :)

Joy said...

I like these quickie movie reviews.

Come over to my blog and let me know your pirate name! OK?

LOL the word verification for me this time is "ahpig"

egan said...

Good thing you don't review Adam Sandler movies.

Chris said...

Joy - aaaargh! I'll stop by later me lady. "ahpig"...bad word verification process, bad.

Egan - I'm a sucker for a Sandler flick.