Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Planting Seeds

Today I planted some seeds, rather firmly I might add, beginning a grassroots effort to a leaner, greener, faculty. More specifically, an effort to create solutions that will lead to cutting paper usage by two-thirds as well as other consumable products such as toner and overall usage of energy hungry equipment.

I've been trying to champion these efforts toward more efficient printing for about 10 years and finally, people are starting to listen. I seem to have an entire department on my side and on board, we begin implementing changes tomorrow. I have also been invited to speak at the Allied Health division meeting to talk about some ideas and bring the rest of that division on board.

If we can measure some results over the course of this semester and perhaps the spring, I think we might have a good basis to bring on more of the college until hopefully, we are all on board. I have feelings of excitement.


egan said...

Kudos man. Printing unnecessary documents plagues many businesses. Old habits die hard, I think that's something The Stones sang about. They're hip.

Chris said...

Egan - the enormous quantities of paper I have seen wasted is ridiculous. THose stones are hip and hip replacements :)