Friday, September 05, 2008

Politics Again, I Can't Help It

I haven't fully researched this, but I am reasonably sure that when the label "conservative" was attached to the (currently stupid) Republican party, it had nothing to do with religion, morals, or ethics rather the fiscal ideologies and economic policies.
While not pillar of morality, not even close, I do consider myself a proud Christian yet I do not see a place for the bible in politics. In this country, the Constitution is the bible for which the basis of political decisions should be made; that's it.
Besides, McCain, the nominee of the Republican party is anything but a moral representative of the Christian right (then neither are most of their big mouths, just Google that fat waste of human life that breathes our air each day called Rush Limbaugh) so stop with all the moral bullshit and tell me how you are going to give a shit about the things that matter, like the middle class and the poor, like public education, like healthcare, oh yeah, fuel costs for people that are affected by fuel costs.


Joy said...

I guess it's just as well that they don't since they won't do anything about all those issues and problems. Smoke and mirrors!

Chris said...

Joy - I felt compelled to fix some of the grammar errors I noticed this morning since my favorite english teacher commented. You are right, alot of smoke and mirrors.