Monday, September 01, 2008

Quickee Post

I've been quite swamped with work this weekend prepping for classes. I had months to do this and just took my sweet ass time so I deserve no sympathy whatsoever, just a swift kick in the behind (which would be less painful than the torture of the prep work I am doing).

In the news, while it's not all said and done, and it's not all rosy, it seems that Gustav came and went for the most part with a lot less damage than it could have been. Here't to the folks in that area getting back into it all soon (special shout out to my friend Michelle).

R.I.P. Killer Kowalski

I am so effing tired....tomorrow the craziness begins. Time to break out the shirt and tie again.

Bye for now.


Joy said...

My sympathies and the story of my life! Hope you have a good semester! What is your schedule? What are you teaching - same classes?

Essentially Me said...

Good luck today!!!

Chris said...

Joy - Same class as usual, 2 sections. 1 afternoon (which will have a different population thatn my usual evening sections) and 1 online (I've supported online technologies for years but this will be my first teaching experience with a fully online class).

Essentially Me - Right back at ya.