Monday, September 08, 2008

Speaking of Stupidity

A student came to me with the following predicament, I quote him precisely, "I need to print the first part of the language thing and it keeps printing the second part."

Profile of student: Male, age 50-55, can't say if he was born in this country but has lived here and spoken the language for more than half his life, and been a student at the college and used the printers enough times to know what was going on (I don't wanna spoil it yet).

I went over to the workspace where he was sitting and he showed me the 20+ copies he printed out, lifted one and pointed out, "you see, it's just the second part it keeps printing and I need to get the first part to (then he pointed at the first part on the screen in frustration),

I asked him to hand me the page in his hand, he did, I turned it over and said, "the first part is on the other side, you know, page one..."

Am I being a hardass here?

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