Friday, September 26, 2008


I got the day off today. I have "too much" vacation time - we can only carry over 480 hours and hey "swipe" it at the end of October and April. Everything over 480 hours moves from vacation time to sick time.

It's a silly thing but I always end up having way more than 480 hours and scramble to use as much of it as possible in the last weeks before swipe time. Today I need the time to prepare for the Verizon technician who'll be installing FIOS tomorrow.

My cold is still lingering, it's quite gruesome. Fuck that!

I need to watch everything off my current DVR from DISH network before it gets disconnected for the FIOS DVR. I gotta go for now :)


Joy said...

Slaves to the DVR! That would be us! LOL

Essentially Me said...

Take more time off!

Chris Daniele said...

Joy - And I always thought slavery was abolished, but a salve am I.

Essentially Me - I know I should.

egan said...

I hope your vacation day was to your liking.

Chris said...

Egan - I moved my home office in preparation for the Verizon guy to install FIOS.