Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Whatever Happened to MTV

It's almost odd that MTV celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Video Music Awards at a time when they show so few videos. MTV actually stands for "Music Television" and when they first started out, and for a number of years afterward, the bulk of their programming was showing music videos.

Over time, they've found all sorts of (crappy) shit to put on instead of music videos. Yet, they still have some governing body that decides who should be awarded for their efforts in music video.

Sad as it may be, against my better judgement, I chose to watch the VMA's (via DVR, hadda be that way), and was just so disappointed at the incredible lack of talent that passes for talent in the current landscape of music. Even sadder, one performer who I like, dumbed down his act by adding an incohesive and incoherent rapper to the fray and arguably the performer with the best pure voice, Christina Aguilera, chose to lip sync so that she can do a choreographed dance routine - so very disappointing.


egan said...

I'm amazed anyone watches the VMAs. I tried to watch once and they did nothing for me.

Progress man, progress. It's just a name. Sure it's MTV, but things do change. They still call it Coke don't they?

Chris said...

Egan - I do understand progression but they are trying to maintain an identity that seems to be gone. I think it's okay if MTV is more than just music videos but I just feel its so far off what it was that now, it isn't MTV any longer.

Heck, even CourtTV changed tgheir name when they realized they were morphing.