Wednesday, October 08, 2008

And Then There Were 3

a.k.a. "The Gayest Post I've Ever Written"
Jerell was eliminated in the final challenge to determine who gets to show at fashion week. While I agree that his wedding/bridesmaid dresses were weak, I really thought Kenley's were amongst the ugliest dresses I had ever seen.

Also, Kenley has been disrespectful to Tim Gunn and the judges as well as the other designers. However, what's done is done and for me, Leann is the one to beat. I think Leann has a good attitude, a unique and interesting design aesthetic, and she's cute in an odd way.

Now, I need to go check if I still have an outsie.


Joy said...

I think Leanne will probably win. Kenley's attitude and voice are appalling. I thought it might be Jerrell. So now the final finale on Bravo. I just wonder how different it will be on Lifetime if they ever get that worked out.

Chris said...

Joy - I hope Leanne wins, I really think that she has been the most consistently good designer as well as having a good and respectful attitude.

I am told there are legal issues with Lifetime and they may not be able to go ahead with production as of yet - you know anything about this?

Joy said...

Only what I read on the net. I read that, too, and wonder how it will turn out. It should be interesting next week to see if they say anything about leaving Bravo.