Friday, October 17, 2008

Cat Got My Tongue?

Even I feel like I haven't said (or written) much of late. It's isn't necessarily that I haven't got anything to say but I seem to have fallen into this funk that I ain't likin'. It not any one thing, it's a bunch of things.

In the meantime, the world goes on in all its unstable, uncertain, ways. I spend an unhealthy amount of time wondering what goes through the mind of a McCain/Palin supporter. How can a human being with a brain even consider this ticket? I know that this is a time when we should all be encouraging people to exercise their right and civic duty) to vote, but I can't help but wish that only people smart enough to vote for Obama should exercise that right.

I know, in a way it's pompous to think that because I feel Obama is the right choice that everyone else should think that way and if that makes me an ass, then fine, I am an ass. I genuinely am not certain I can remain in the US if Obama does not win, it's going to require some serious evaluation.

Oh, I was catching up on listening to some NPR stuff and there was this guy Kurt Wagner from a band called Lambchop doing a few songs and wow, was he great!

I'm gonna go for now.


Joy said...

Go over to my blog and attack Aled (Oxy) for his inane comment about Palin. Argh!!! He is so wrong!

Chris said...

Joy - I'm on my way!