Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Driving to Work on a Long Country Road on a Fall Morning

My travels had me driving on a long, narrow country road. This time of year, the darkness lingers into morning and as a result, my focus was on the modest boundaries of my driving lane.
Somewhere along the road, I began to see evidence of the breaking dawn. The deep dark sky had slowly begin to lighten and the road seemed to widen beyond the tunnel like effect of the darkness beneath the canopy of the foliage.
As the sun, seemingly struggling to force its way through the thickly clouded sky, broke through, the glow began to accent the stunning colors of fall - the deep crimsons, the reds and oranges, the browns and yellows, it was like watching a perfect photograph develop before my eyes.
My driving had been so distracted that I chose to pull over for just a brief moment to watch as nature once again left me breathless in its beauty.

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