Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Hey Washington, Hey America, Remember ERA?

Perhaps I can cool off a bit by taking the focus away from the economy, the issue that physically hurts me the most. I think the modern political era is ready for a re-write of what was previously known as the equal rights amendment.

The equal rights amendment was originally conceived to ensure gender equality, clearly an essential and important issues that still must be addressed. However, it is time to include that we need to consider equality amongst all human kind,not just based on gender, but also sexual preference.

Why is it okay to discriminate people based on their sexual preference? Why is is even an issues as to whether or not two consenting adults should be allowed to marry if they are the same gender and why should it be called and/or treated any differently than a marriage between a woman and a man?

Don't even begin to bring the bible into this conversation - there is no place for it and even if there was, if you interpret that God thinks any less of a same sex couple then you are clueless.

Let's be a real democracy, let's demonstrate true civility, let's make these fundamental human rights a reality.

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