Friday, October 10, 2008


The name of this post was derived by randomly smashing down on the keyboard with both hands and making a twisting motion.

More Importantly, I have the day off today, which is nice. Also, my friend Rob is traveling up from NY for the weekend. Rob and I worked together at Computer Software Plus and used to hang out and get into trouble have a blast so it'll be fun to hang out again.

Here's a brief dictionary of mish mosh that only has marginal relevance and only to Rob and I:

  • Ick - "Ike", our former boss at Computer Software Plus.
  • No tax for me - The official closing line of any Russian about to make a purchase at Computer Software Plus.
  • HeeeeeeeeeeeeeY - The first word uttered by Joe Willie upon his entrance to the store with contraband.
  • Hee Dee Dee - Russian for "Hard Disk Drive"
  • Meah - An emphatic punctuation adding humor to otherwise bad jokes when yelped with reasonable sustain at jokes end.
  • Moreoff - the opposite of Moron, or people who play ridiculous computer games when there are so much better ones to choose from.
  • Dagesh (also Dagesh lite) - Hebraic Word Processing software that not only is a practical tool for those who need Jewish Word Processing abilities, but also for those looking for an entertaining word to say.
Realizing now that this is only going to be funny to Rob and I and maybe one or two other humans who'll likely never see it. I intentionally mention humans because there is one simian that may also enjoy it but nobody know his current whereabouts.
For those of you who labored through this post perplexed, I apologize, simply ignore it.

Wait! Here's something funny that will appeal to a broader audience:

LolTV - Funny Compilation #15 - video powered by Metacafe

Right? Funny, eh?

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