Monday, October 13, 2008

Pictures of Things in Boston

The Leonard P. Zakim Bridge That Friggin' Building Whose Name Escapes Me but Whose Look Bedazzles Me

Call me childish, I just think The Jewish Advocate and Radio Shack so together is whimsical.
The grave of Sam Adams (for whom the great beer is named :)
The grave of John Hancock (you should see the building named after him).


egan said...

You have a mighty fine town. I stayed near that bridge when we visited in 2006, but you already know this.

Joy said...

Do more of these, please! I really like Boston but won't attempt driving there! It's a great city for walking. Love those photos!

Chris said...

Egan - Still the only two times I've ever driven over that bridge were with you and N-Po.

Joy - I'll do my best. I remember you were coming up here last year then didn't - any plans to come again?