Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Vote Obama or Don't Vote

That's right, I just said that. I am sitting here watching the debate and just 19 minutes in, it remains obvious that McCain is oblivious. I hate to be so blunt and make this statement but if you are even considering a vote for McCain, you can't possibly have a functioning brain in your skull, either that or you are wealthy enough to not give a shit.

Listen, every, and I mean every single problem in this country today that matters is directly the fault of George W. Bush and his Republican cronies - if you can't see that, you are either blind, clueless, or naive.

Some stupid Republican party ideals that make no sense:
Trickle Down Economics - easily on of the most illogical theories in the history of theories. If you don't know what it is, click the link...DUMB!!!

Deregulate until it hurts - this is the most blatant attempt to exploit the poor and middle class, by the (dirty, rotten, filthy, stinking) rich by trying to get us to believe that there is no room for "regulation" in a true democracy. Bullshit! You take the rules away from the rich, they get richer by luring the poor into a sense of false security (i.e. subprime lending).

Oh, and when the fuck did the Republican party become the religious right? It's one thing to have a different perspective but there is this thing called separation of church and state.

I happen to have religious beliefs, I go to church every Sunday and consider myself a good Christian. However, God has NO place in the WHITE HOUSE. Government MUST remain secular or democracy CAN'T exist!

That all the ranting for now. BTW, comments are open so have a field day - I may or may not respond because as far as I am concerned, of the choice we have, only Obama has the the chance to make a positive difference on my life and the rest of the people in this country who aren't gazillionaires.

Don't even get me started on the super insanity that is Sara Palin, who is so fucking dumb that Bush looks like a scholar next to her.

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